These are mostly common sense rules but we believe in managing expectations and so the rules below are for all guild members sakes and to keep what would be a potential unruly situations with Sovereigns at bay! They are also here to establish acceptable interaction within the guild.

Failure to follow the rules will result in 3 warnings and then you will be kicked from the guild and your plots force reclaimed.

This is not to be mean or controlling however we run guild buffs which take endeavor and coin. Also all guild members deserve to have access to space in the guild city, guild mall, while feeling welcome and included in the guild and tested respectfully.


1. You must have your current guild set to Twisted Dragon.

2. Your Beacons must be aligned to the guild.

3. You may sell on the planet
4. Prices must be fair and be verifiable as fair prices on butt. We do not want to be known for over charging people. This makes the guild look bad.

Building Rules

1. In the confines of the guild city you must get permission to plot. This must be adhered to so all guildies have space to build within the city. Same goes for mall space. If you want a larger build there are 63 other regions to choose from just be kind. NO plotting an entire region, plot what you need and what you will use. No plotting resources either!

2. If you are going to build a monument/statue or any other large scale art project(which we heavily encourage) anywhere on the planet it needs to be approved by the leader of the builders faction or one of the 2 guild masters myself or @SClayton.

3. ABSOLUTLEY NO all gleam builds, platforms, or flashing LED signs in the overworld. You can have them inside your builds inside or attached to the front door BUT NOT IN THE SKY. Any violation of this will have the plots in violation force reclaimed without warning.


1. We are an adult guild and therefore language is not filtered or monitored, however being mean, racist, sexist, homophobic or any other hate will NOT be tolerated.

2. NO drama or stirring the pot. We will not tolerate rumor mills or spreading gossip and lies about others whether in the guild or not.

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